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Jane remembers her dear friend Dame Barbara Windsor: 'I still can’t quite believe that she has gone'

Jane Moore paid an emotional tribute to her friend of over 30 years, Barbara Windsor, as the Loose Women remembered the soap and entertainment icon, who passed away after a long battle with Alzheimer's.

"I still can’t quite believe that she has gone," she told Andrea, Nadia and Kaye. "Even though obviously I knew about her diagnosis and I knew that towards the end she was very ill, it's just the weirdest feeling. I think because there is so much running footage across television that makes her look so vibrant and alive, it’s just hard to accept that she is gone."

Jane recalled learning about Dame Barbara's diagnosis back in 2012 and the promise she made to her husband, Scott Mitchell. "Myself and a few other close friends knew about the diagnosis but we were all asked by Scott to keep it quiet because he wanted her to live her life to the best that she could without people knowing for as long as she could."

Jane also shared a wonderful story of a trip to the theatre, where Dame Barbara was so revered by the public that they propelled her to the front of the queue for the loo.

"Every woman in that queue saw her and we sort of got propelled to the front in this sort of Mexican wave of love. It was amazing, everyone knew about her diagnosis and they propelled her to the front of the queue. Then when she came out of the cubicle, somebody washed her hands, somebody else dried her hands, somebody else helped her up the stairs to the exit. It was incredible to see, she was like the Queen."

Nadia, Carol and Andrea also shared their memories of Dame Barbara and praised her husband, Scott, who cared for her during her illness.

You can watch their tributes in full in the video above.

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