Janet explains her upcoming surgery and encourages skin cancer awareness

Janet told the Loose Women that she's finally heading to hospital to have surgery to remove a small cancerous spot on her nose.

The treatment, which was recommended after doctors discovered a type of skin cancer called a basal cell carcinoma, had been delayed due to lockdown. "It’s a special kind of surgery called Mohs Surgery," Janet explained. "They only take out what they have to take out and you know what’s going on."

Janet told the women that she hadn't initially been worried about the little bump, which she thought might be an insect bite. "I’m someone who always puts factor 50 suncream on my nose," she said.

Janet went on the explain that while her condition wasn't thought to be life-threatening, doctors recommended that she should have the growth removed as it wouldn't go away and, in very rare cases, could become a more serious concern. She also encouraged viewers to be vigilant and check their skin regularly for the signs of skin cancer.

You can watch the full chat in the video above and check out these helplines for more information and advice about skin cancer.

We're wishing Janet all our luck and love with the procedure.

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