Janet Street-Porter to star in TV soap Neighbours!

Janet Street-Porter joins the cast of Neighbours!

Our Janet returned from Australia with exciting news - she's filmed a cameo in Neighbours!

The appearance is part of our ‘20 before 20’ challenge, which sees the Loose Women ticking off items on their ‘wish list’ before we celebrate 20 years on air this September.

“When I was in Australia I flew to Melbourne and I have a role in Neighbours! I get to play myself, I have more than one line. I’m not allowed to say any more, we are keeping it very, very secret. I spent the whole day on the sent. I went all round the set,' Janet explained.

And she got a guided tour of Erinsborough too! “Stefan [Dennis], alias Paul [Robinson], showed me round. I had to do my lines, I smiled so much my face was aching," Janet added.

The special episode of Neighbours will air on 19 April 2019.

Watch the video to see Janet talking to Neighbours couple Takaya Honda (David Tanaka) and Matt Wilson (Aaron Brennan) who got married in the show's first gay wedding.