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Janet's Sprouts Four Ways and Brenda's Christ-Mac and Cheese Recipes

Looking for a brussels sprouts recipe that'll have your tastebuds tingling? Or just want to do something different with your sprouts this Christmas? Janet Street-Porter is here with four quick and easy recipes that'll brighten up the festive dinner table.

And as if that wasn't enough, our Brenda's got a brilliant Christ-mac and Cheese recipe for a super tasty alternative Christmas Day meal.

Let them show you how it's done in the video above and then give it a go yourself using the recipes below.

Sprouts and Bacon


Couple of handfuls of sprout, sliced

A few slices of good dry cured smoked bacon

1 apple (eating apple) - cut in chunks

Small glass of cider

1 to 2 teaspoons of Dijon mustard.

Flaked almonds to dress


1. Cut up and fry bacon - when fat starts coming out, add sliced sprouts and fry for 5 mins until soft but not mushy.

2. Stir in the apple chunks, let them go brown and then add a small glass cider and some dijon mustard.

3. Reduce liquid by half, cooking fast, then serve. 

4. You can then add some flaked almonds to dress the dish.

Dry fry sprouts


Sprouts - cut in half


1. Cut sprouts in half and put the cut side down in a non stick pan

2. Cook on high heat, pressing down if necessary with a pan lid to get maximum contact.

Do not add liquid. They cook in their own juice and are really sweet.

Steamed sprouts with blue cheese and parsley


A couple of handfuls of sprouts

50-75g blue cheese

Spoonful of creme fraiche



1. Place whole sprouts in steamer and steam until almost cooked. 

2. Remove from heat, place over medium heat in a frying pan, add some crumbled blue cheese and a spoonful of creme fraiche.

3. Leave for a couple of minutes to heat through, then serve with plenty of chopped parsley.  

Sprout salad


Couple of handful of sprouts

Handful of walnuts

Olive oil

Bag of watercress

1 or 2 oranges

For dressing

Olive oil, honey, dijon mustard, salt and pepper, orange juice and grated orange zest. 


1. Cut sprouts into 4, and fry in a small amount of olive oil for around 5 mins on a medium to high heat until they go a bit brown. Then allow them to cool.

2. Toast walnuts in a pan until they smell good but do not let them burn.

3. Peel orange and remove white pith. Cut into wheels, removing pips.

4. To make the dressing, combine 2 parts oil to one part orange juice, a teaspoon of soft honey, a teaspoon of dijon mustard and orange zest. Blend or whisk. 

5. Combine the watercress, sprouts and oranges with the dressing and scatter the nuts.

Brenda's Christ-mac and Cheese


2 pints of Cheese sauce 

400g conchiglie pasta

1 packet smoked bacon cut small or 2 packets smoked bacon lardons

4 spring onions chopped

1 cup of mixed green and red peppers 

1/2 teaspoon coarse black pepper

1 can of sweetcorn 

1 teaspoon of all purpose seasoning

Vegetable oil


1. Add 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil to a pan and heat, then add the spring onions, peppers all purpose seasoning and bacon. Fry until the bacon is well done (not crunchy) and add the sweetcorn.

2. In the meantime, boil the pasta.

3. Make a cheese sauce. Use mild, medium and mature cheese to achieve the thickness.

4. Add the cheese sauce to the pasta then, once the other ingredients are fried up, add them to the pasta and cheese sauce.

5. Sprinkle some cheese on the top and add some cracked black pepper.

6. Cook in a preheated oven at 180 degrees on the top or medium shelf for 30 minutes.

7. Let it stand for about five minutes before serving.

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