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Joe Swash explains how he's learning to talk about his emotions and pays tribute to his late Nanny Fran

Joe Swash told the Loose Women that losing his beloved Nanny Fran during lockdown had been very difficult when he joined the panel (with little Rex) for a catch up from home.

"She was so important to us, she had 24 grand-kids," he said. "It's such a shame it happened while coronavirus was going on, because it means you can't really perform my nan's last wishes."

"It's been really difficult, but you know I'm not the only one, other people can go through it as well," Joe continued.

"I'm so lucky, I've got Stacey, I've got a tight-knit family. I know if I need to talk about anything, they’re all there for me and I think, for me, that’s the most important thing."

Joe also explained how he's been learning to speak about his emotions so he can help the boys to feel comfortable speaking about their feelings too.

"I’m not really the best person because I don’t talk a lot myself, I hold a lot in. I could take a leaf out of that book and try and open up a little bit. I think it’s difficult sometimes for certain people," he said, speaking in support of our Stand By Your Men campaign.

"I'm having to be a lot more open, which is probably really healthy for me."

Watch the chat in the video above and catch Joe's full interview - including his thoughts on marriage and children sharing their parents' surnames - on the ITV Hub.

If you've been affected by any of the issues raised you can find more information via our helplines about grief, loss and bereavement or male mental health.

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