Joe Wicks talks about the pressures of baby weaning and the success of his lockdown PE lessons

Joe Wicks told the Loose Women that he didn't think his lockdown PE lessons would be this successful and reach a worldwide audience.

'I've done a lot of YouTube workouts before and I had a feeling a lot of people in the UK would get involved, but not to this extent."

"It's been a global thing, there's people in the Caribbean, India, Africa, the US and Australia, all over the world, and different time zones are taking part."

Nadia told Joe that she felt he was the third person in their relationship after her husband Mark does the PE lessons daily.

As well as his PE lessons, Joe has also written a book, 'Wean in 15' which is all about helping parents wean children from liquid to solid food.

"I really care about peoples health and fitness and I love thinking that people are exercising and eating healthy food together. Two babies came along, I had Indie and Marley, and I had to go on that journey of how do you wean your babies from milk onto solid foods."

"I got an amazing nutritionist to work with who specialises in infant and child nutrition, which is wonderful and I gained some experience and knowledge and set up a separate instagram account and the reception has been phenomenal."

"There's no right or wrong with weaning, but the book really will help you just get that structure and confidence to go and enjoy the journey a bit more."

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