Judi speaks powerfully about secondary trauma and Black History Month: 'Let's not make it a token gesture'

Judi Love received a round of applause from the Loose Women panel after giving a passionate and powerful speech about her experience as a black person and her thoughts on Black History Month.

While speaking with Kaye, Stacey and Nadia about the October celebration, Judi explained how a focus on historical racism can lead to secondary trauma for younger generations of black people.

She also explained why she believes we should be celebrating black culture beyond Black History Month too. "I don't want it to be just a month", she said. "I'm not black for a month I'm black all the time, so let's use the month to celebrate."

"Let's talk about the young writers, the actors, the producers, the people who don't get the opportunity because sometimes there is racism. Let's not make it a token gesture, let it be something that is more of a long-term factor."

She also explained how she's encouraging her children to never allow statistics or stereotypes to stop them from achieving their dreams.

Watch the inspiring and emotional chat in the video above and catch the full episode on the ITV Hub.

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