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Katie Price opens up about her special bond with Harvey and his future move to residential college

Katie Price joined the Loose Women to open up about her special bond with son Harvey and reveal what the future holds for them both after their documentary, Harvey and Me, won hearts across the nation.

Speaking to Nadia, Linda, Stacey and Kaye about the response to the documentary, Katie revealed how it has changed many people's perceptions of her.

"It's actually been amazing because people have judged me as a person in the media and stuff," she said. "In the documentary that is stripped back, it is the journey between a mother and son with complex needs."

"It is a very calming doc, although Harvey is not always calm in it, and it just goes to show the connection we have and how hard it is," Katie continued. "Hopefully it was educational to people. I am just a mum with a child who has complex needs."

Katie confirmed that there will be a follow up to the programme, which showcased not only the challenges involved when raising a child with complex needs, but also the pair's incredible bond.

"With Harvey it is very rewarding," she said. "It can be challenging at times but what people need to remember is I don’t know any different. I had him when my career started so he has been with me through everything and we just know each other so well."

"These colleges are four hours away and to me it’s like: 'Oh my God, he is going!'. Nut I have to say to myself: 'Kate, he is not gone forever. You can still see him, you communicate with him,' and I can’t be selfish and think: 'I want him at home with me'," she added.

"But is it like any parent out there, you just hope they care for him the way you do."

Watch Katie's powerful chat about Harvey in the video above and find out why she'll never be able to walk the same way after her accident in Turkey again on the ITV Hub.

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