Kerry Katona: I'm honest with my children about my past and teach them never to judge others

Kerry Katona told the Loose Women that she's always been open and honest with her children about her past and teaches them never to judge others, based on her own experience.

Speaking to the panel alongside her daughter, Heidi, who recently wowed the judges on The Voice Kids UK, Kerry opened up about her approach to parenting.

"The one thing I've taught all of my children is never judge a book by its cover because you don't know what goes on in somebody else's life," she said, explaining how she'd shown her older daughters footage of her past.

"I felt nothing but shame and embarrassment but I can’t hide it from my kids. I’d rather they hear it from me," Kerry said. "Everything I do, I let my children know. If they did not want me to do it then I wouldn’t do it," she added.

Kerry also discussed how she's teaching her children to cope with nasty comments online, particularly in the aftermath of Heidi's appearance on TV.

"My children have been in this industry since the day they were born. We're not going to escape social media," she explained. "The sooner I teach my children how to handle it, the better."

Watch Kerry's chat about Heidi's incredible The Voice Kids journey and her open and honest relationship with her children in the video above.

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