Lauren Goodger opens up about anxiety, her thoughts on TOWIE and why she'd never post nude photos online

Lauren Goodger told the Loose Women that she's been learning to live with anxiety after being hospitalised following a panic attack at Christmas.

I suffer with anxiety, it’s a new thing I’ve formed over years. We’re obviously not born with anxiety,’ she told the panel. "I think the pressure of coming into fame, and other pressures that I’ve been through in life... It’s a feeling that feels so real, like you're dying. But it's not a real thing."

Lauren told the panel how things had come to a head at Christmas following a party in her home.

"I had everyone at my house, we had a massive party... I woke up the next day and when the day was over, it just all hit me at once. I literally felt like I was having a heart attack, that's the only way I can explain how anxiety feels. It feels like you're dying."

Lauren revealed that she's been dealing with anxiety for about eight years after first having a panic attack on an aeroplane but said she's learned how to spot the signs and symptoms and can now get a better handle on it.

"I have to recognise what it is and that you’re not going to die," she said.

She also opened up about life after The Only Way Is Essex, reflecting on her time on the show and revealing how she feels about it now. "I'll have a lot of love for it always," she said. It was strange, it was weird, there were no other reality shows about."

"I've experienced such amazing things that I wouldn’t have done without it so I don’t regret doing it at all and it holds some special memories for me."

And speaking of fame, Lauren explained why she'd never post any nude photos of herself online, despite signing up to website OnlyFans, which allows users to post any type of content, including pornography, and then charge fellow users to view it.

"I don’t do nipple, I don’t do naked, I don’t do anything like that. I don’t want it to be screenshotted," she said. "I still want to get married and not have people judge me."

"It’s like a more intimate thing that you can talk to fans. Sometimes they just want to DM you like they do on Instagram anyway."

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