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Coleen Nolan on stripping off for Loose Women Body Stories: 'Life is too short to worry about my bingo wings'


Along with eight other members of the Loose panel, Coleen has stripped off for our Body Stories campaign about self-confidence

And Coleen's spoken out about why the campaign was so important for her to be involved in, especially after her sister Linda Nolan's recent cancer diagnosis.

'Linda facing cancer has made me feel I need to accept myself and be happy,' Coleen has said.

'That started from Bernie dying initially, and with Linda now it makes you think life is too short to worry about my bingo wings. I might not be here next year.'

'It gives you a great perspective on life and things that used to trouble and worry me I think, "Well I’m still here, touch wood".'

And revealing what REALLY happened on the photoshoot with Bryan Adams, Coleen explained there were some surprising nerves about baring all.

'What amazed me is that the really slim ones like Katie and Andrea, they were the most self-conscious,' Coleen has revealed.

'They are more self-conscious ­generally yet they are tall and skinny. I don’t think Katie Price sees what we see.'

Loose Women Body Stories shot by Bryan Adams

Coleen has been very open about her body issues in the past.

'I have a constant body battle,' she's said. 'I often eat in ‘rebellion’. It goes back to when I was only a child and an uncle picked on me saying I was the ‘heavy one’. I know I’m not at the low weight I've got down to several times in the past but ultimately I've decided life's too short to spend it on a yo-yo diet.'

'I think I kind of represent probably the majority of the women my age and I thought if I don’t do it, it looks like I’m saying there is something to be ashamed of. It is ­important to be confident,' said Coleen, who recently lost some weight and went from a size 18 to a 16.

'The other girls were saying, "Oh my gosh, you have no cellulite". I hadn’t noticed, but they all did. I was quite proud of myself for that,' Col admits.

'I’m just really happy with me and I’m not noticing anything, but when I meet people they are saying, "Oh God you’ve lost weight". I’m doing it without trying," she explained.

'This campaign isn’t about dieting, it’s about accepting and having confidence in whatever body you’ve been given and wearing it with confidence.'

'I've made peace with the way my body looks and, quite frankly, I like cake just a little bit too much! I was scared before the shoot, but I totally embraced it and my body – particularly when it came to the solo shoot.'

'I hope other women with body shapes like mine feel they can also be proud of themselves - there's no perfect person in the world - we all come in different ages, shapes and sizes and life is too short to spend it hating yourself because you not a size 8 or 21 anymore.'

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