Linda reflects on her experience with severe OCD, depression and anxiety: I felt so guilty

Linda Robson told the Loose Women that she had spent a long time feeling guilty about the impact her experience with severe OCD, depression and anxiety had on her family and friends.

Reflecting on her difficult time in 2019 during a conversation about when it's appropriate to intervene to help a loved one, Linda explained how she felt as though she had ruined the Loose Women's holiday to Ibiza and her family's Christmas when she was unwell.

"But you didn't," Janet reassured her, "because you've come out the other side".

The Loose Women agreed, praising Linda for speaking out and reassuring others to never feel as though talking about their feelings during difficult times will make them a burden on their friends or family.

Watch the chat in the video above and learn more about the importance of talking and listening when friends or loved ones are going through a tough time with our Lighten The Load campaign helplines.

If you've been affected by any of the issues raised you can use these helplines.

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