Linda on adopting another dog after losing her beloved Ernie: 'I don't know when's the right time'

Linda told the Loose Women that she's not sure when the "right time" to adopt another dog is after losing her beloved Ernie earlier this year.

Her beloved French Bulldog had to be put to sleep due to a spinal injury and Linda says her house just hasn't been the same since. "He’s got a very special place now, [his ashes are] in Bobby’s wardrobe. We’ve got a candle in there which we light," she explained.

Speaking to the panel during a discussion about whether their dogs are more important to them than their own family members, Linda revealed how she'd previously waited two years after the passing of her dog, George, to add Ernie to the family.

"He was such a big part of our lives," she said. "I don't know when's the right time."

"The right time is when you feel it is the right time," said Kaye, who spoke about how important her beloved dog, Bea, is to her.

Meanwhile Saira, who swore she'd never allow a dog upstairs in her house, revealed why her dog, Vera, is now ruling the roost at home and even becoming more important than her own children!

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