Loose Women at war with Piers Morgan over twerking! 'He won't stop us women of a certain age having fun' #TwerkForPiers


After Piers Morgan was sick in bucket in response to Madonna twerking on James Corden's Carpool Karaoke, the Loose Women decided it was time that 'women of a certain age' should enjoy themselves!

'I love Piers but I was really disappointed,' Kaye said. 'It's 2016, what are we saying here? That a woman of a certain age should "put it away"?'

'Not Piers or anybody age are going to stop women of a certain age having as much fun... My teenagers try and do it, 'Mum can you shut up, can you sit down, can you stop singing, can you stop dancing... NO!' Nadia added. 'Give me a table and I'll dance on it until my dying day!"

'On the tombstone: Twerked til I died,' Ayda laughed as the women got up to give Piers some 'Christmas twerky' with some serious bum shaking in the studio and the audience joining in too!

Viewers joined in with our #TwerkForPiers campaign on social media and Piers soon had a message for us too!