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Loose Women talks vagina dysmorphia as Stacey Solomon says: 'I felt self-conscious about my vagina after giving birth'


We're not shy when it comes to talking about tough topics on the show, and today Andrea, Nadia, Stacey and Jane opened up about their own insecurities as they discussed all things vagina dysmorphia as part of our Body Stories campaign.

They were joined by Dr Larissa Corda who revealed she has seen a rise in vagina surgery, sometimes from children as young as nine! Labiaplasty is the fastest growing cosmetic procedure in the world, increasing by 45% from 2015 to 2016, and we want women to feel positive about every inch of their body.

Stacey admitted she felt self-conscious about her vagina after giving birth saying, 'Now especially, if you have children and meet someone else I feel like, "Oh is it a big now? Is it massive? Can anyone get anything from this?" I feel really conscious about it.'

And Nadia said: 'I certainly remember that after having my baby, sitting there with my legs open with a mirror and sobbing my eyes out because it was so deformed.'And that's a kind of dysmorphia, isn't it? This warped idea... But in the age of pornography. I worry about the young generation of women thinking they don’t look like that.'

Andrea encouraged women to get to know their intimate area so they can be aware of any changes that could be due to gynecological cancers. 'Know what is normal for you. Like any other part of your body. And if there are any changes be aware of it.'

There are five types of gynaecological cancer: womb, ovarian, cervical, vulval, and vaginal.

Let's stop being embarrassed to talk about our vaginas!

Our conversation about vagina dysmorphia and gynae health is supported by The Eve Appeal, a charity who are determined to get rid of the shame and embarrassment surrounding vaginas.

'We are delighted to be supporting LooseWomen’s campaign. Women are literally dying of embarrassment. Breaking down the taboos that surround gynae health are absolutely central to our mission. We want gynae issues to be as easy to talk about as back ache. It’s fantastic to have the straight-talking Loose Women on board – because until we have NORMAL conversations about vaginas and periods, we won’t make strides in diagnosing gynae cancers at their earliest stage.’

The Lady Garden campaign also supported us discussing vaginas as part of our Body Stories campaign saying: 'The taboo surrounding women discussing their vagina’s and gynaecological health has been prevalent for too long. Gynaecological cancers are still misunderstood and misdiagnosed or diagnosed too late and this is why The Lady campaign and the Loose Women's Body Stories campaign are vital in bringing awareness. It’s imperative that each and every women knows their body.'

We were also joined by sculptor Jamie McCartney who created The Great Wall of Vagina. Members of the Loose Women panel and production team have contributed to a piece of artwork made up of plaster moulds of female genitalia, created to encourage women to accept that their vaginas are ‘normal’.

We have information and helplines about gynaecological cancers here.

Dr Larissa Corda and Jamie McCartney stayed to talk to us further about vagina dysmorphia and gynaecological cancers for an online exclusive in the video below.

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