Louise Pentland on the positive power of online communities and her hypnobirthing experience

Vlogger and parenting blogger Louise Pentland told the Loose Women that social media can be a "lifeline" for parents and people who are feeling isolated and concerned during worrying times, like the current coronavirus situation.

"I think, like a lot of us, people are feeling anxious and worried and aware of all the changes," she explained. "I think that they're turning to social media to talk about a new normal."

Louise said she thinks people are looking for positivity and suggestions and explained why she believes they're seeking reassurance from others who've been feeling the same way online.

"It's OK to have a day where you say 'I'm really having a terrible day, today is a low day for me', and then for everyone to say: ‘You know what, I had that day yesterday, this is what I did, I’m here for you," she added.

Louise shared some helpful tips for parents who are concerned about educating and entertaining their children while schools are closed and also spoke about her experience of hypnobirthing with the panel.

Watch the chat in full in the video above.