Mark Wright explains how he supported best friend Arg on his road to recovery from addiction

Mark Wright told the Loose Women that he turned to a counsellor for help when supporting his best friend, James 'Arg' Argent, through his experience with addiction.

Speaking on This Morning about the true extent of his cocaine addiction earlier this year, TOWIE star Arg credited Mark with helping him get on the road to recovery.

"I spoke to a counsellor as about it because of course people around somebody that’s suffering with an addiction, you need to know how to deal with it and how to help because, sometimes, you feel helpless and many times I did feel helpless, and I tried so many ways to get him better," Mark explained to the Loose Women.

And after several failed attempts to send his friend to rehab, he realised he could only help Arg if he was willing to help himself.

"I called up [the counsellor] and said what could I do? I've taken every step. He just said to me, 'sometimes you have to let them hit rock bottom and know they need help'."

Mark said they reached a turning point on Boxing Day, when Arg texted him and said he was ready to go to rehab. He telephoned a centre he'd been researching in Thailand and Arg began his journey.

Now he's hopeful that his friend is taking positive steps forward. "Everything about his life has changed to be better and get where he needs to get to," Mark told the panel.

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