Mel B: 'I didn't speak to my family for 8 years. It was very distressing. I prayed every day we'd come back together'


Back as a guest Loose Woman, Spice Girl Mel B opened up about not speaking to her mum and sister for several years.

'It was about 8 years that I didn’t speak to them. It was heartbreaking,' Mel said. 'I was actually married and I was in an isolated, stressful kind of relationship, which prevented me from even reaching out to my family. Very awkward, very distressing for me for the whole of the 10 years. My mum FaceTimed my kids. That was kind of "allowed".'

'The good thing is, well kind of not good, when my dad died – God bless his soul – that brought my family together. So on his deathbed when I walked in, I got to see my mum and my sister for the first time in like 8/9 years. Even though it was a really painful thing to see my dad going through that, it was such a happy, beautiful thing that I got to reunite with my family.'

Revealing what happened when she saw her family for the first time in nearly a decade, Mel said, 'It felt a bit strange because I was nervous. I hadn’t seen my dad, and my dad looked so frail. The cancer he had, he was never going to be able to bounce back. So I had to come to terms with that and then on top of that I couldn’t wait to hug my mum and see my sister and my grandma and my aunties.'

Getting emotional, Mel added: 'My dad was in a coma, so he heard my voice and he sat up and said ‘I love you’. And then my mum just hugged me. Then I got divorced and my mum and sister came and stayed with me in LA.'

Mel has now written an autobiography which details those difficult years and impact it had on her family.

'My mum’s written her own chapter,' Mel said. 'The book is so kind of, it’s quite shocking some of the stuff, I’m honest, it’s called Brutally Honest. I think she’s read it probably about 20 times now. Each time she reads it she sees something else and she calls and says, ‘I’m sorry this happened to you’. So, it’s actually brought us closer together.'

'I knew, there was going to come a point where we’d all come back together, or should I say, prayed every day, that that day would come and it did and I’m so thankful.'

Watch the video to see the full emotional chat with Mel.