Mikey North on Corrie's first socially distanced stunt and Gary's future: 'This might be it, although I hope not!'

Coronation Street's Mikey North told the Loose Women that he's not sure if the soap's first socially distanced stunt will see his character, Gary Windass, finally getting his comeuppance!

Gary's ex-girlfriend Sarah, is about to discover the truth about his murderous activities and its left fans wondering if this could be the end for him?

"Honestly I've shot as far as I know now and I'm waiting to hear when I'm going back and what I'm going to do," he said. "So this might be it, although I hope not!"

Corrie fans Brenda and Gloria expressed their dismay at his character's transition from builder to murderer, Mikey explained how he'd grown to enjoy the new challenge it brought.

"As an actor it's always great to play that, it's a little more interesting to go to work every day and play a murderer than just ordering a pint in the Rovers. So I was really happy about it and hopefully it's been interesting to watch too."

Speaking of things that are interesting to watch, Mikey also gave us a sneak peek behind the scenes at Corrie's first ever socially distanced stunt - which just so happens to be the world's first socially distanced stunt - and gave the Loose Women the giggles with his running commentary about one particular element of the special event!

See the full interview in the video above and to catch the socially distanced stunt in action, be sure to tune into Coronation Street on ITV, STV and the ITV Hub.

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