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Mrs Hinch reveals how Stacey helped her cope with overnight success and why fame will never change her

Cleaning sensation Sophie Hinchliffe - aka Mrs Hinch - joined the Loose Women to discuss how she sometimes "grieves" for the life she had before finding fame and explain how her best friend, our own Stacey Solomon, has helped her cope with life in the limelight.

Speaking with Ruth, Janet, Brenda and Stacey about her overnight success, Sophie revealed that while she's incredibly grateful for her career, she has sometimes struggled to adjust to her new life.

"I'm very, very grateful and very blessed to have the life that we have and to be able to enjoy everything we do and to love my career and my job, but I would be lying if I said that some days I don’t want to step back into the old life," she admitted.

"Sometimes it feels like you are grieving for your old life… It’s strange because I don’t know how it’s happened. I think I would have had a bit more chance to adapt a bit more if I was a bit more prepared."

Best friend Stacey - who also found almost instant fame on X Factor - has been helping her to cope with it all, though. And their bond has helped Sophie to deal with criticism and trolling on her Mrs Hinch social media accounts.

"I will call Stacey and say: 'Have I done something wrong?'... For us to be able to reassure each other is amazing. Also we have got our babies, so for me to be chucked into the public eye with a baby, we have just clicked. We are very, very similar, our families, our backgrounds. We are just two peas in a pod."

Sophie also spoke openly about the criticism influencers influencers face, including accusations of compromising themselves for money when it comes to promoting brands.

"I feel like it is an elephant in the room for some influencers and I don’t know why," she said. "I know and my followers know, I have never changed since day one. If I have got a spray that I like that smells good and works good, I am gonna show it. If I am sent something through or paid to show it, it won’t be going on if it doesn’t work and I don’t like it."

"As long as you know as an influencer when you go to bed at night that you have shared something you genuinely love and believe in, you are in the right job," she continued, telling the panel she'd never compromise her integrity for money.

"My Instagram means so much to me, it's my baby, no one else does anything in there and it’s all me. If I don’t  like something, money doesn't impress me. I haven't moved house, I haven't changed anything, I am just the same person."

Catch her chat with Stacey and the panel in the video above and watch the rest of the show - including her dog Henry's surprise guest appearance - on the ITV Hub.

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