Nadia announces she's 'divorcing dieting' as she strips off to change our 'stinking thinking' about our bodies

Here at Loose Women we're big believers in embracing our bodies - and our Body Stories - and now our Nadia is on a mission to change what she calls our "stinking thinking" about the way we look.

Speaking to the panel about the response to a video she posted on social media recently, Nadia explained why she wants to get inside the minds of young women and change the way they think and feel about their bodies.

"There is this absolute stinking thinking," she said, referring to comments she received from women who felt as though they were "too old" to wear a bikini. "Nobody in my entire life has ever said anything as nasty to me as I've said to myself."

"Nobody is as mean to you as you are to yourself and it really doesn’t have to be like that," she added.

Watch Nadia's video and the Loose Women's discussion about their own "stinking thinking" in the video above.

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