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Nadia's husband Mark shares his experience of depression and explains why men struggle to talk about mental health

Nadia's husband Mark shared his experience of alcoholism and depression with the Loose Women as we launched our new male mental health campaign, Stand By Your Men.

Speaking openly with the women, Mark explained how his circle of friends had no idea that he was dealing with mental health issues at the time.

"I lived a life of excess, but at the same time I was functioning in the world," he said. "Half of the stress with mental health is hiding it and concealing it."

Mark told the women that he believes men have trouble speaking to other men about their feelings because they're not quite sure how to do so.

"There's always a way of sort of laughing your way out of it," he explained.

"That's not because no-one cares, it's because we don't have the language, or we're worried that if we step outside of that male world, everyone's going to judge us."

Watch the chat in the video above.

What is the Stand By Your Men campaign all about?

Following the success of our award-winning Lighten The Load campaign, Loose Women is launching a new male mental health strand - Stand By Your Men.

Despite one in eight men in England battling mental health problems, research shows that only 34% of them feel comfortable talking to a loved one about their feelings.

Our aim is to inspire viewers to get talking to the men in their lives, in the hope that it will encourage them to open up and ask for help if they are struggling.

This has never been more important than it is right now, with suicide remaining the number one cause of death in men aged 20-49.

Click here for more information and mental health helplines

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Weekdays 12.30pm