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One Foot In The Grave's Richard Wilson and Annette Crosbie reunited: 'I wanted Victor Meldrew killed off!'


One Foot in the Grave’s Richard Wilson and Annette Crosbie were reunited on TV for the first time in years and left the audience in stitches.

And Richard admitted he wanted his character Victor Meldrew killed off, while Annette teased the ending could be re-written for a return.

Speaking of the famously grumpy character as part of our Retro Week, Richard said: 'Yes. David [Renwick] came to see a play I was in and he said, "I’m thinking of killing Victor". I said, "Yeah, kill him".'

Annette, who played his wife Margaret, said: 'I didn’t want it ever to end but I could understand why it had to.'

Asked if it could be brought back as a musical or stage play, Richard said: 'Too much for us to be on a stage. But Victor’s dead…''I wouldn’t mind it all being a bad dream and he’s not dead,' Annette added.

After 10 years together on the show the pair joked they didn’t really keep in touch, with Richard saying: 'We don’t remember when we last met.''Basically, we didn’t keep in touch… he lived in North London and I lived in South. As far as he was concerned, I lived in the back of beyond,' Annette added. Richard teased: 'Wimbledon – I mean, where’s Wimbledon?'

Of whether Richard is as moody as his character, Annette revealed: 'As people, I am much grumpier. I could leave him standing. I’m fierce.'

Watch the video for the full interview with Richard and Annette!

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