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Paris Fury on husband Tyson's mental health journey and life at home with the Fury family

Paris Fury told the Loose Women that supporting her husband, Tyson Fury, on his mental health journey had made her "stronger" as she joined Ruth, Coleen, Saira and Janet.

Speaking from her home, Paris explained how she had learned a lot about mental health and depression from the experience.

"It got to breaking point in our home, we struggled very hard with it, Tyson struggled, and as the person behind the scenes, I was the only one there on a daily basis trying to pick up the pieces every time he had a breakdown," she said.

"It was crucial at the time that we were together, because otherwise I think he would have gone over the edge completely," she added, admitting she had sometimes found it tough to cope too.

"It made me stronger, but there were times I was crying alone," Paris said as she spoke about the ways in which depression can affect not only those who are going through it, but also those around them.

Find more information about our Stand By Your Men mental health campaign and the supports available here

Paris also reflected on the early days of her relationship with Tyson and explained how she'd helped him become a more confident person as their love blossomed.

"Tyson was always more stand back a bit," she said. "He was confident in his boxing, but he was quieter and he was a follow along. He would stand funny and I'd say 'stand tall, why are you being shy?"

"I created the monster that is Tyson Fury today," she joked.

Watch Paris' chat in the video above to find out more about life at home with the Furys, the couple's dreams for their children, and Tyson's future in boxing. You can catch all the day's Loose Women action on the ITV Hub.

If you've been affected by any of the issues raised please use these helplines for more information about the supports available.

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