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Real life detective, Maggie Oliver, talks about horrifying child sex abuse in Rochdale and the TV show Three Girls

The real life detective, Maggie Oliver, who exposed the child sex ring in Rochdale gave an emotional interview and talked about the TV show Three Girls which tells the true story.

Maggie eventually quit the police force because the authorities failed to protect the young girls from abuse.

She said: 'A police officer's first duty is to act, is to protect the vulnerable. I've spoken out because I wanted to show the country what senior police officers were allowing to happen.'

The notorious case saw girls, some as young as 13, being plied with drugs and alcohol by a gang of men, who then passed them around a paedophile group for sex.

Maggie spoke about her feelings of frustration and sadness as allegations failed to be followed through, allowing the abuse to continue.

She said: ‘I hope change comes from this. I shouldn’t have had to leave my job to get this out in the public domain.’

Maggie also talked about the reaction she has had from the public since Three Girls has been broadcast.

She said: ‘It has restored my faith in people, because for so long I felt like the odd one out, but I knew ordinary people would feel exactly the same as me.'

The BBC three-part mini series has left viewers outraged and saddened by the horrific abuse that the young girls suffered.

Watch the full video of Maggie's emotional interview...

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