Sherrie Hewson says daughter Keeley was her rock when her beloved brother died during lockdown

Sherrie Hewson credits her daughter, Keeley, with keeping her going after she lost her beloved brother, Brett, during lockdown.

"It's been the hardest thing ever and I was completely broken," Sherrie told the Loose Women while reflecting on her brother's passing. Brett had an incurable brain tumour and passed away after battling a pneumonia-like illness in April.

"He was so amazing up to that point, and then he got a second tumour and the second tumour took his life. But wherever he is, he's with our dad," Sherrie added.

She was able to attend her brother's funeral but admitted she found it quite difficult to cope and turned to her daughter for support.

"I got through it with this gorgeous daughter of mine," she said in praise of Keeley, who accompanied her mum for the chat. "She's my rock, she keeps me going. She just let me be who I want to be, helped me through every single journey of my life, like you all know through everything."

Watch Sherrie's chat in the video above.

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