Stacey explains how she deals with online bullies and reveals why she calls them 'Susans'

If you follow our Stacey Solomon online you may have noticed that she sometimes makes reference to 'Susans' on her Instagram stories and now she's explained why she likes to use the term when speaking about people who leave nasty comments on her social media accounts.

"The only way that I know how to deal with it is to address trolls as a group of people," Stacey told the Loose Women panel during a discussion about adult bullying and cyber-bullying.

"So I, ages ago, was like “all right Susan, have a day off” and it stuck. So now, every time someone moans at me or says something to me or calls me ugly, I just go 'all right Suze, is this not good enough for you?'."

"I luckily, fortunately, don’t have that kind of trolling where I’m being threatened or my family’s being threatened, otherwise I wouldn’t be so light-hearted about it," she explained. "There are times when it gets to you, but most of the time I find it really funny."

"You can only do what you can do and if someone’s got a problem with it, it speaks volumes about them and not about you," Stacey added.

Hear Stacey's story in full and find out what Jane, Janet and Christine had to say about the idea of confronting a bully in the video above.

You can find more information and bullying and cyber-bullying helplines here.

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