Stacey passionately defends breastfeeding mums who pump milk in public

Stacey Solomon told the Loose Women that she believes it's unfair for women who share images of themselves pumping breast milk for their babies to be criticised by others.

Speaking during a discussion about the negative comments women including Mylene Klass and Rachel McAdams have received for publicly sharing their breast pumping photos, Stacey defended a woman's right to do whatever they needed to do to feed their babies.

"I don’t think anybody realises what’s behind it," she said. "There's so many reasons why you might be pumping, so to sit there and judge these women who clearly can be going through hell and back just to feed their baby and to try and be the mother that they want to be, I just think is cruel."

Watch the chat in the video above to get Stacey's full point of view and hear Christine, Kaye and Kelle's thoughts and stories.

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