Stacey shares Rex's first steps with the Loose Women

We've watched him grow from bump to baby and little 'Loose Man' and now, just ahead of his first birthday, Stacey's Rex has reached a major milestone and taken his first steps.

Stacey shared some adorable footage of her youngest 'pickle' with Ruth, Nadia and Saira during a discussion about major mummy milestones and said she was so happy that both she and Joe had been at home to witness the special moment.

"The silver lining of this cloud that is coronavirus is having these moments at home and both being there," she explained.

"I've missed a lot of milestones with my children because of work and everything else, so to be at home and be able to witness that was really, really special."

Stacey told the women that she couldn't believe how quickly the first year of Rex's life had flown in. "I still feel like it was only yesterday that I came in here and he was just born," she said.

"I don't think I've ever seen a baby smile consistently like little baby Rex," Saira added.

Watch the chat (and Rex's first steps) in the video above and catch the full Loose Women mummy milestones chat - including Saira and Nadia's stories - on the ITV Hub.

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