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Tana Ramsay shares her experience of premature birth and how husband Gordon's support helped her through it

Tana Ramsay joined the Loose Women to mark World Prematurity Day, 20 years after she gave birth to her twins, Jack and Holly, prematurely.

While speaking with Ruth, Jane, Janet and Brenda, Tana recalled going into early labour on Millennium Eve, 1999, and her husband Gordon’s reaction.

"It was quite an unexpected event. I woke up that morning with just a slight tummy ache. I didn’t really think too much of it," she said. "Gordon actually said to me: 'Gosh, you were so restless in the night. Everything feeling ok?' Being Millennium Eve, we thought it was sensible to get checked out as we figured out the later on it got in the day, nobody would be available."

Tana remembered being taken for a scan and learning the shocking news that the babies were coming early.

"The doctor said to me: 'This isn’t actually going to stop. You are going to have these babies today'," she explained. "That is immediately quite shocking, I thought I had almost two months of pregnancy left."

Tana reflected on what it was like the night Jack and Holly (who are now perfectly healthy 20 year olds) were born, recalling how scary it felt to be thrust into the unknown world of the neo-natal unit. 

"Suddenly you are facing all sorts of scary situations," she said. "There are wires everywhere, you can’t pick them up. As a mum, all you want to do is hold your baby and bond."

Tana wanted to share her story in the hopes of reassuring other parents of premature babies that they're not alone. She also opened up about losing her son, Rocky thought miscarriage in 2016 and explained how husband Gordon's support was so vital during such a difficult time.

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