The art of forgiveness

For years I felt like I had a huge neon sign on my head that said ‘rape’. After meeting Hill I feel that sign isn’t there anymore

Rosalyn Boyce

A home is a sanctuary for many of us, a place of peace, calm and protection. But for Rosalyn Boyce it became something of a nightmare. 15 years ago, Lee Hill broke into Rosalyn home and raped her. At the time her baby was in the next room and her husband in hospital with pneumonia.

Today, in her first ever TV interview, Rosalyn joins us to tell us her story and to share with us. Having bravely waived her right to anonymity she'll reveal what it was like ti come face to face with her attacker again and how she's come to forgive the man who changed her and her family’s lives forever.

Click on the link to find helplines with information and advice for people affected by rape and sexual abuse: Rape and sexual abuse helplines