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Our Body Stories campaign lives on

You'll remember when nine Loose Women bravely stripped down to their swimwear in the name of body confidence. It was all part of our Body Stories campaign, which we launched in May 2017.

Today, we had a wonderful surprise as Brenda Edwards became part of the campaign, with her own liberating photoshoot; celebrating and embracing her body after having breast cancer.

Viewers who've been inspired by the Body Stories campaign joined us

Brenda exclaimed: “I'm really grateful that my body got me through cancer, and I'm embracing me as much as I can.”

At the time of our Body Stories campaign, many of you got in touch, telling us how it helped you accept your bodies too. Some of our viewers who have been inspired by the campaign joined us in the studio to celebrate and shared their stories.

Watch the ladies telling their stories above.

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Weekdays 12.30pm