The Loose Women share experiences of abusive relationships: 'You're almost paralysed, you don't know what to do'

Loose Women Janet, Brenda and Andrea shared their experiences of domestic violence and abusive relationships during a discussion about supermarkets providing safe spaces for those who are going through it.

"At the time you're almost paralysed, you don't know what to do,' Janet told the panel as she recalled how she felt while she was in an abusive marriage.

"Personally, I found it embarrassing speaking to anybody," Brenda said of her own experience. "I just didn’t want anyone to know and I pretended that it wasn’t happening." You can watch the full chat in the video above and use these helplines for support and more information about the issues raised.

The women were speaking after domestic violence charity Refuge reported a 66% rise in calls during lockdown. As a result, supermarkets have started to offer support for victims of domestic abuse.

The Government is introducing a code word that can be said to staff, who will then take the person to a safe place in the store where they can call police or the national domestic abuse helpline.

If you've been affected by any of the issues raised during this chat you can use these helplines for support and more information.

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