The Loose Women's most memorable 'Loose in the Hoose' moments so far

As they returned to TV screens with a brand new socially distanced set-up, the Loose Women welcomed their fourth panellist down the line from home, letting one woman 'loose' in her 'hoose' each day.

Here are some of our favourite working from home moments so far...

Coleen showed us her new working from home set up

'I've got a step ladder on my dining table with a lamp sticking out the top of it,' she explained. Watch the video above to see for yourself.

And check out her adorably tiny new kittens while you're here.

Denise gave us a guided tour of her new bathroom, but her TikTok challenge didn't exactly go to plan

Lincoln's reaction to her towel prank wasn't quite what she was expecting.

Ruth, Linda and Jane tried out Saira's stay home workout

Got any tinned food in the cupboards? Get it out and get involved.

Janet updated us on the state of her fringe and Badger's new lockdown diet

She's really grown to love her dog in lockdown, so much so that she says she'll miss him more than her other half when it's all over.

Kaye gave Stacey, Christine and Judi a shock when she debuted her new working from home look

She later revealed that the new ensemble was 'model's own'.

And we had a belated 80th birthday celebration for our Gloria, who looked glorious in her 'chinphones'

Never change, Gloria. Never change.

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