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The Wanted's Tom Parker's wife Kelsey shares a positive update on his cancer treatment

Kelsey Parker joined the Loose Women to share some positive news about her husband and The Wanted star Tom Parker's health. 

Tom was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour in 2020 and Kelsey joined the panel to explain how his treatment is going.

"Tom's doing really well," Kelsey said. "The tumour has shrunk, we've had a significant reduction. We were all just in tears when we got that news in January. We just couldn't believe it, that he'd had radio[therapy] and chemo[therapy] and he's had a significant reduction after that. We were just all so overwhelmed."

"We've only just started our second round [of chemotherapy], so we've had radio and chemo, we've had a bit of a break, because he had a bit of a dodgy liver, and now we've just started the second round of chemo," she continued.

"We're on this rollercoaster, we're going forward and we've just to remain as positive as we possibly can."

Speaking during Brain Tumour Awareness Month, Kelsey added: "Don't ignore the signs... if you are suffering any headaches, Tom had really bad hearing, his ears were sore, anything like that, go and get checked out. The earlier they can detect this the earlier they can work on it and help you."

Watch Kelsey's chat - and her special message from Max George - in the video above and catch the full episode on the ITV Hub.

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