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What did the Loose Women wear this week?

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Monday 26th February

Ruth's suit is from Marks & Spencer

Linda - Pinstripe Blazer & Trousers

Denise - Orange Blazer & Trousers

Kaye - Cotton Blazer & Trousers

Tuesday 27th February

Ruth - Orange Blazer

Linda's dress is from Boden

Brenda - Leopard Jumpsuit

Wednesday 28th February

Christine - Ribbed Cardigan & Dress

Coleen - Pink Blazer & Stripe Trousers

Kelly - Pink Swirl Dress

Katie's dress is from Zara

Thursday 29th February

Charlene's dress is from River Island

Joanna's dress is from Baukjen

Judi's dress is from Never Fully Dressed

Olivia's outfit is from COS

Friday 1st March

Kaye's dress is from Marks & Spencer

Myleene's dress is from Rixo

Jane's jumper is from Zara

Nadia's suit is from Hobbs

Logo of Loose Women
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Weekdays 12.30pm