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What the Loose Women wore this week

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Monday 5th February

Ruth - Pink Blazer & her trousers are from Marks & Spencer

Kelly - Orange High Neck Jumper & Snake Print Trousers

Brenda - Print Jumpsuit

Kelle - Demin Dress

Tuesday 6th February

Charlene - Lilac Knitted Dress

Linda - Print Dress

Frankie - Beige Jumper & Skirt

Brenda's jumpsuit is from Next

Wednesday 7th February

Christine - Red Jumper & Grey Skirt

Kelly - Denim Waistcoat & Navy Blazer

Katie - Knitted Top

Brenda - Blue Jumpsuit

Thursday 8th February

Katie - Cargo Trousers

Judi - Mesh Dress

Sue - Green Jumper

Friday 9th February

Kaye - Yellow Dress

Frankie - Cropped Shirt

Joanna - Patterned Dress

Nadia - Purple Blazer

Logo of Loose Women
itv |

Weekdays 12.30pm