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Should parents financially support all of their children equally, regardless of their situation?

Should parents be expected to provide all of their kids with the same level of financial help?

Many still support their children after they've flown the nest, chipping in for mortgages, weddings and the cost of childcare.

But should parents give equally, even if one child is doing financially well and the other is struggling?

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Would you take a DNA test to discover your family history?

Some of our Loose Women have taken a DNA test to reveal more about their family's history, but would you ever be tempted to take one yourself?

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Tune in on ITV and STV from 12.30pm on March 6 to find out which of our panellists has the most prestigious ancestors, and who has a relative who was so eager to get married that they actually committed a crime to make sure they made it up the aisle!

Do you worry that the Queen is putting herself at risk of getting coronavirus?

The King and Queen of Sweden have cancelled a gala dinner due to fears of coronavirus and The Vatican says the Pope's staying at home until he recovers from a cold, but the Queen is still out and about performing her royal duties - with a new pair of gloves.

Do you worry that the 93-year-old could be putting herself at risk of catching coronavirus?