Keane singer Tom Chaplin on battling his drug addiction: 'Drugs took me away from my daughter. I was a complete mess!'


He shot to fame as the lead singer of Keane. Now releasing his solo album, The Wave, Tom joined us to talk very honestly about his past drug addiction and how he got help.

'I was very self-conscious, very scared of life and confronting what was going on for me emotionally,' Tom said of his time in Keane. 'I was hiding in plain sight but underneath I was a mess. I didn’t know how to manage my emotional world, and quickly began self-medicating.'

The singer told us that he had sought professional help to work through mental health problems and drug addiction.

'I’ve gone through very heavy therapy and psychoanalysis, trying to unpick that stuff,' he revealed. 'Everyone has said to me that it must have been so horrible. There is some painful stuff but I found it to be an adventure into myself.'

Tom has also found himself in rehab more than once, saying, 'I've tried rehab a few times over the years. I left Keane at the end of 2013, saying I wanted time for myself and pursue a solo project. I hit a creative brick wall and started using drugs again in a major way.'

Talking about hitting rock bottom, Tom revealed the year his daughter was born was the worst.

'2014 was the weirdest year - my daughter was born, first child and for a while I was the happiest man alive,' he said. 'But again, the drugs came back and began taking me away from her and away from the things that were important. By the end of that year, I was a complete mess.'

And talking about the support of his wife Natalie, Tom showed how grateful he is she's stood by him during his years of addiction.

'An addiction wants to take you away from the things that are truly important and make you content and happy in life,' he told us. 'My wife is has stuck by me over the years and these problems have resurfaced many times over the years. She's an amazing woman and I love her to bits.'