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Good Morning Britain's Susanna Reid: 'Piers Morgan is the one you want to wake up to in the morning!'


They're famous for their on screen bickering and banter. But Susanna Reid joined us and revealed she's close to her Good Morning Britain co-host Piers Morgan and admits he's the perfect breakfast TV host, saying, ''He's the one you want to wake up to in the morning'.

'He's brilliant,' she added. 'Anyone who knows him behind the scenes knows he's a good person, he's a good friend. I think we're very balanced.'

Susanna took a marker pen to a picture of Piers in the green room before the show which eagle-eyed Piers noticed, tweeting: 'It's a crime to deface a national treasure.'

Susanna also talked about GMB's 1 Million Minutes campaign which encourages viewers to pledge their time to volunteer for a lonely older person this Christmas.

As part of the campaign, Susanna was transformed into a pensioner with the help of prosthetics, added wrinkles and a grey wig.

'I still feel in my twenties and, of course, when I looked in the mirror made up as an 85-year-old I thought to myself "but I don't feel any older", and then I thought 'but of course I won't feel any older',' she told us.

'When I'm 85 I will still feel exactly the same as I do now so we mustn't think of people as older people, they are just people, they are members of our family, they're who we are going to be.'

"It's been a brilliant year!" Susanna Reid on GMB

Our lovely colleagues at GMB are looking forward to celebrating their 1st anniversary soon - where has that year gone? Here breakfast TV Queen, Susanna Reid tells us how she copes with the early morning sand what it's like taming guest presenter Piers Morgan.

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He's like a force of nature...it's like sitting next to a mini tornado...

– Susanna Reid on working with Piers Morgan