Quiz: How well do you know Nadia Sawalha?


You've spent many a lunch time with Nadia Sawalha, but how well do you really know the Loose Women panelist? There's only one way to find... Have a go at our quiz!

If you score well, give yourself a pat on the back and have a virtual high-five from the lady herself. And if you flunk it... Well, you'll just have to tune into the show more often to get better acquainted...

Brave Karen Danczuk talks about horrific sexual abuse by her brother as Never Too Late To Tell campaign launches


After deciding to waive her right to anonymity, Karen bravely chose to appear on the show and talk about her experience of childhood sexual abuse by her older brother Michael Burke.

He has been convicted of a string of sex attacks against Karen and other women,
abusing his sister when she was aged between nine and 11.

'I knew it was wrong because it didn't feel right,' Karen said crying. 'I couldn't ask someone – it's not like I could tell someone at school – so I thought this was what everyone went through.'

'[I felt] numb. Normal kids would be upset if they couldn't play with a toy or something, but for me, this was life.'

When asked what she's say to her younger self, Karen said: 'I look at young Karen as a third person now, as a result of my therapy. But I'd tell her, "We did it." I wish I could give her a hug, to be honest.'

Karen says, 'People need to be told to talk and address this. People need to come out. There are probably many people watching who know what I'm talking about.' Karen is supporting our Never Too Late To Tell campaign, aimed at helping victims of abuse speak out.

If you want to speak to someone about childhood sexual abuse, rape or sexual violence there are helplines HERE. #NeverTooLateToTell

Karren Brady: 'Every working mother will tell you that the very last thing on their list is themselves'


Baroness Karren Brady joined the show and had some fantastic advice for women about the importance of saying, 'No!'

'I think as you get older, you accept that you simply can't do it all. One important lesson I've learnt is to only say yes to people if I really want to,' Karren told us.

'Too often, we say yes to things and then we dread and try to think of ways to get out of it. So now, I believe in being able to just say no."

Karren added: 'Every working mother will tell you that the very last thing on their list is themselves.'

'In the end, you become so tired of being tired that you realise you have to change something. You have to be practical and realise you can do this but you can't do that. You can't say yes to everything.'

So true Karren, so true!

Coronation Street's Amanda Barrie: 'I was terrified - I would have lost my job because I was gay'


She's most famous for her role as Alma Sedgewick in Coronation Street but Amanda opened up about how terrifies she was of the press during her years on the top soap.

Amanda, 81, said the press found out about her sexuality and she was terrified that she would lose her job on Corrie.

'The trouble with me was that somebody tipped them the wink about my sexuality. From there on I was hounded.

'People got into my hotel bedroom and they followed me into places. The whole thing about it was at the time I was so terrified - at the time I would've lost my job because I was gay. Not now. I honestly believe that.'

'I felt really guilty myself because they made me felt guilty and I felt I couldn't look the audience in the eye. I'm absolutely for freedom of the press and if you're in Coronation Street fair game, but there's a certain integrity of the press.'

Amanda is now married to her long-term partner Hilary Bonner, although she admitted,
'I've never called her my wife!'

Larry Lamb on his traumatic childhood: 'I lived in a house that was like a war zone. I was so emotionally damaged'


Larry joined us to talk about his time on I'm A Celebrity and also opened up about his difficult childhood.

When asked about whether his biggest fear was repeating his parents' mistakes Larry told us, 'I lived in a house that was like a war zone. My mother and father just didn't like each other and got caught up in a marriage of convenience. It was horrible. They fought for nine years and finally split up. It really affected me and my brother and sister. We went to live with my dad and his mum. They should never have even met. You do carry it with you. And you spend the rest of your life trying to patch together that will be something better than that.'

Larry went on to add, 'I was so emotionally damaged I didn't know what I was doing. I was just trying to make a life for myself. But I just knew that what had gone on up to that point wasn't the way I wanted to live my life.'

Larry, 69, separated from Clare Burt in 2014 and has been with new parter Marie Victorine for over a year. Asked if he would marry again, Larry said: 'I have three marriages already. I think these sort of things are best discussed in private.'

And as for falling out with TV presenter Martin Roberts while in the I'm A Celebrity jungle, Larry told us, 'In terms of bad blood, there is absolutely none. Whether you like it or not you're involved in a game I think that's what I lost sight of. You can't get on with everyone.'

Exclusive! Robbie Williams plays Robbie's Reality Check. 'This is so embarrassing - I feel like Joey Essex!'


Robbie Williams famously failed to recognise a cucumber - so we decided to find out just how in touch Robbie is.

With a series of hard to identify every day objections and questions, Robbie was put to the test. 'I feel like Joey Essex - this is so embarrassing!'

Watch Robbie peel a potato and everything! It has to be seen to be believed...

Keane singer Tom Chaplin on battling his drug addiction: 'Drugs took me away from my daughter. I was a complete mess!'


He shot to fame as the lead singer of Keane. Now releasing his solo album, The Wave, Tom joined us to talk very honestly about his past drug addiction and how he got help.

'I was very self-conscious, very scared of life and confronting what was going on for me emotionally,' Tom said of his time in Keane. 'I was hiding in plain sight but underneath I was a mess. I didn’t know how to manage my emotional world, and quickly began self-medicating.'

The singer told us that he had sought professional help to work through mental health problems and drug addiction.

'I’ve gone through very heavy therapy and psychoanalysis, trying to unpick that stuff,' he revealed. 'Everyone has said to me that it must have been so horrible. There is some painful stuff but I found it to be an adventure into myself.'

Tom has also found himself in rehab more than once, saying, 'I've tried rehab a few times over the years. I left Keane at the end of 2013, saying I wanted time for myself and pursue a solo project. I hit a creative brick wall and started using drugs again in a major way.'

Talking about hitting rock bottom, Tom revealed the year his daughter was born was the worst.

'2014 was the weirdest year - my daughter was born, first child and for a while I was the happiest man alive,' he said. 'But again, the drugs came back and began taking me away from her and away from the things that were important. By the end of that year, I was a complete mess.'

And talking about the support of his wife Natalie, Tom showed how grateful he is she's stood by him during his years of addiction.

'An addiction wants to take you away from the things that are truly important and make you content and happy in life,' he told us. 'My wife is has stuck by me over the years and these problems have resurfaced many times over the years. She's an amazing woman and I love her to bits.'