John Legend on his IVF baby Luna: 'You shouldn't be ashamed if you struggle with fertility'


We all fell a little bit more in love with John Legend after he appeared on show and talked about his gorgeous wife Chrissy Teigen and their daughter Luna who was born in April 2016.

The couple have been very honest about using IVF to have a baby and John said people shouldn't feel 'ashamed' if they are having fertility problems.

'A lot of people struggle with fertility and you shouldn't be ashamed of it,' he told Ruth, Coleen, Stacey and Jane. 'A lot of people want to have kids and maybe can't do it the natural way so it's an option that's available to a lot of people and I think people should do it if it's the right thing for them.'

Asked if the couple would have IVF again John said, 'Yeah we'll do it again, we want to have a few kids, I think like three or four.'

And John revealed a track on his latest album, Darkness And Light, was written for little Luna.

'I wrote a song specifically dedicated to her - it's called "Right By You",' he said. 'The whole album was influenced by the fact I was becoming a new father, I was writing a lot of it before she was born but when I knew we were having a baby so I was thinking a lot about that when I was writing the songs.'

Aled Jones reveals his diet secrets: 'I lost two stone on a juicing diet!'


He's not the little choir boy anymore!

The brilliant Aled Jones joined us to talk about his new album - One Voice At Christmas, losing weight and dodgy hair cuts...

And we gatecrashed his incredible performance of Walking In The Air (with his permission, obviously!)

On having a bad haircut in his choir boy picture
'You never get over your mum cutting your hair. Especially when the photos are there.'

On his Spitting Image fame
'I was only trendy once in sschool when they had a sketch on Spitting Image and they said "Aled Jones' voice is breaking in 10 minutes - that's 16 albums!" I just recorded albums. In four years I did 16 albums.'

On losing weight and Nadia calling him 'hot'
'I've been juicing quite a lot but I've put quite a bit on as I haven't had time to train. But January like everyone else I'll be back on it. I lost about two stone juicing. No one under the age of 70 has ever called me hot before!'

Loose Women at war with Piers Morgan over twerking! 'He won't stop us women of a certain age having fun' #TwerkForPiers


After Piers Morgan was sick in bucket in response to Madonna twerking on James Corden's Carpool Karaoke, the Loose Women decided it was time that 'women of a certain age' should enjoy themselves!

'I love Piers but I was really disappointed,' Kaye said. 'It's 2016, what are we saying here? That a woman of a certain age should "put it away"?'

'Not Piers or anybody age are going to stop women of a certain age having as much fun... My teenagers try and do it, 'Mum can you shut up, can you sit down, can you stop singing, can you stop dancing... NO!' Nadia added. 'Give me a table and I'll dance on it until my dying day!"

'On the tombstone: Twerked til I died,' Ayda laughed as the women got up to give Piers some 'Christmas twerky' with some serious bum shaking in the studio and the audience joining in too!

Viewers joined in with our #TwerkForPiers campaign on social media and Piers soon had a message for us too!

Janet Street Porter celebrates turning 70 with her Loose Women friends: 'My mouth engages before the knees do!'


We've been celebrating Janet's upcoming 70th birthday.

'I'm not feeling any different at all,' Janet said of turning the big 7-0 later this month. 'Obviously when you get up in the morning you feel a bit stiffer and it takes you longer to get going but obviously my mouth and my evil mind... let's put it this way, my mouth engages before the knees do!'

'I still do that thing in the morning when I'm telling myself I'm great because nobody else is going to do it,' Janet revealed. 'My mantra - I lie there. You are great, you are fabulous, you're worth it and then I gradually get to my feet. It's a good philosophy.'

Ruth, Anne and Martine all paid tribute to Janet with Martine saying, 'You fly the flag for everything I want to be.'

'We have a lot of laughs with Janet and tease her, moany old Janet - but we absolutely adore you and love working with you,' Ruth said. 'You are an inspiration for us women in television because you forged the path for us.'

And Janet's advice? 'To all the women watching my age - behave really badly!'


John Barrowman falls over AGAIN and reveals: 'I was thrown from a horse on stage in panto and rushed to hospital!'


Last time he was on the show, John fell off his stool while showing off some red high heels (don't ask!).

So when we invited him back, we took extra precautions - wrapping him in bubble wrap! But John still managed to take a tumble while trying to step up behind the desk much to the amusement of the panel and audience.

'I was absolutely fine. I might have knocked some sense into myself,' John said of his first fall. 'It was all over the States, everyone was asking about it.'

Talking of his time in panto last year, John revealed he'd had a fall which landed him in hospital!

'I was thrown from a horse on stage in panto last year. I'd been riding this horse on stage. I felt there was something not right, something spooked it and the next thing I knew I was 20 feet in the air,' John said. 'I landed but my body went into shock. I finished the song singing to the horse and then I had to be rushed to the hospital. I'd traumatised my lower back.'

And we promise the bubble wrap did it's job and John was unharmed in the making of the show!

Clare Balding on body image: 'Growing up I genuinely thought my life would be perfect if my legs were skinny'


Clare joined the show on a mission to make young girls and women feel confident about their bodies.

She's written her first children's book - The Racehorse Who Wouldn't Gallop - and made sure the main character gave readers a positive message.

'My heroine Charlie is a ten year old girl and she gets teased by her older brothers for having thunder thighs and her mother gives her a powerful talking saying it's actually powerful legs,' Clare explains. 'Serena Williams, Beyonce - powerful legs.'

'When I was growing up I genuinely thought my life would be perfect if my legs were skinny. And I didn't have skinny legs and you start to resent the fact that your legs aren't the way you want them to be.'

Clare Balding was horsing around on Loose Women

Coleen Nolan confirms son Jake Roche has broken up with Little Mix's Jesy Nelson: 'It's amicable'


Coleen confirmed that son Jake Roche has broken up with Little Mix's Jesy Nelson, saying, 'It's amicable, and they're both dealing with it really well. They're good friends.'

'With Jake and Jesy when they first got engaged, instantly all the press – everyone was asking me: "When’s the wedding?” There’s so much pressure on relationships,’ Coleen added.

Jesy and Jake first started dating in 2014 and got engaged after Rixton singer Jake popped the question during a Little Mix rehearsal in July 2015.

Meanwhile, Coleen's sister Maureen opened up on the show about her marriage break-up after more than two decades years together.

'I kind of feel like my own counsellor,' she admitted. 'I cry and scream in the car when I'm driving.'

And she told us: 'It's a pain in the bottom to start again. I can't face thinking about dating, I'd rather die.'

Good Morning Britain's Susanna Reid: 'Piers Morgan is the one you want to wake up to in the morning!'


They're famous for their on screen bickering and banter. But Susanna Reid joined us and revealed she's close to her Good Morning Britain co-host Piers Morgan and admits he's the perfect breakfast TV host, saying, ''He's the one you want to wake up to in the morning'.

'He's brilliant,' she added. 'Anyone who knows him behind the scenes knows he's a good person, he's a good friend. I think we're very balanced.'

Susanna took a marker pen to a picture of Piers in the green room before the show which eagle-eyed Piers noticed, tweeting: 'It's a crime to deface a national treasure.'

Susanna also talked about GMB's 1 Million Minutes campaign which encourages viewers to pledge their time to volunteer for a lonely older person this Christmas.

As part of the campaign, Susanna was transformed into a pensioner with the help of prosthetics, added wrinkles and a grey wig.

'I still feel in my twenties and, of course, when I looked in the mirror made up as an 85-year-old I thought to myself "but I don't feel any older", and then I thought 'but of course I won't feel any older',' she told us.

'When I'm 85 I will still feel exactly the same as I do now so we mustn't think of people as older people, they are just people, they are members of our family, they're who we are going to be.'