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Love Island's Megan Barton-Hanson on her Dancing On Ice feud: "I’m jealous and selfish. I should have messaged Vanessa"


Things have been very frosty since Megan hit out at boyfriend Wes Nelson's Dancing On Ice parter Vanessa Bauer for not being friendly. But she joined us to set the record straight.

Asked her why she blamed Vanessa and not boyfriend Wes for not feeling included in their Dancing On Ice experience, Megan said, "He has [included me,] multiple times, but as a woman she should have reached out to me. If you’re gonna spend time together, she should have said: "Do you want to invite Meg down?" Her boyfriend went down."

Megan continued: "I am human, I’m not deeply insecure, but watching your boyfriend do sexy dances in sexy lycra... I was just really hurt, obviously. I think it’s normal, I'm not deeply insecure. I’m jealous, I am selfish."

And Megan held her hands up for posting her frustrations on social media and not contacting Vanessa directly.

"I should have messaged Vanessa, got her number and said, 'Babe, I want to be friends',' Megan admitted. "I sent her a message last night and we’re resolving it now. I don’t want to discuss it, but hopefully we’re resolving it now."

Watch the video for the full chat with Megan.

Susanna Reid on presenting GMB with Piers Morgan: 'I didn't think we'd last three hours!'


They shocked breakfast viewers by getting 'engaged' on Good Morning Britain with a £1 ring, and we were the first to congratulate Piers and Susanna on their happy news!

"I've bought the ring. It was one pound from Poundland," Piers explained.

"I'd just like to point out, as soon as he said it on air, I was getting congratulations [from] journalists, magazine editors, friends," Susanna added.

"Do you know who was happiest? My wife," Piers quipped. "'Take him, take him!'"

Talking about hosting GMB together for three years, Susanna admitted, "I didn't think we'd last three hours!"

And while GMB are shortlisted for a National Television Award, Piers and Susanna seemed to be keen for viewers to vote Loose Women instead!

Watch the video to see the full chat with Piers and Susanna.

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Dom Joly opens up about snoring and his deadly sleep disorder: 'Sleep apnoea could have killed me!'


Sleep apnoea is estimated to affect around 1.5 million Brits and comedian Dom Joly shared his experience of it, including how the condition woke him up 90 times a night!

"I've always known I've snored. But sleep apnoea means you stop breathing for up to 90 seconds, up to 90 times a night," Dom revealed. "Every time you stop breathing there is a risks of a stroke. It's usually to do with weight. And over 45 it tends to happen. The biggest solution is to lose a bit of weight."

Watch the video to see Dom talk about how he treated his sleep apnoea.

Cervical cancer helplines

Cervical cancer helplines

Use our helplines to find more information and advice on cervical cancer

NHS Choices

NHS cervical screening website for England

HPV vaccine

Cervical cancer

Comprehensive webpage with information on symptoms diagnosis and treatment of cervical cancer.

NHS Immunisation Information

HPV (human papillomavirus) and cervical cancer immunisation page

MacMillan Cancer Care

Helpline: 0808 808 00 00


Cervical screening

Cervical cancer

Information on cervical cancer, including how it is diagnosed, treatments you might have, possible side effects and how to get further support.

Cancer Research UK

Helpline: Freephone 0808 800 4040


Cervical cancer screening

Cervical cancer

This section of CancerHelp UK tells you about cervical cancer, from early symptoms, tests and treatment for abnormal cervical cells, through to treatment for cervical cancer, living with cervical cancer, and current research. Call the helpline to speak to a specialist nurse.

Sean Ward admits: "The more people I met in Corrie, the lonelier I got."


Bad lad Callum Logan terrorised the street in Corrie. But behind the scenes life was very different for actor Sean Ward. In reality his life was descending into chaos as he secretly battled depression and other demons, including porn addiction.

Struggling to balance an unsettled lifestyle, where highs and lows were all too common, Sean was finding it hard to cope.

He explained: “I was living next to Justin Bieber in South Africa one moment, and then I was living in West Tisbury not working the next.”

Sean added: "I was away a lot doing Our Girl. Seven months away from my partner, my home and family, you do get lonely and realise who your friends are. That's where it all unravelled.”

Overcoming his difficulties has been challenging, but Sean thanks a “massive shift in my consciousness that made me go, 'I don't want to continue down this path'.

Watch the video for the full chat with Sean.

POLL: Would you let your child share a bed with your dog?

We’ve all seen videos of dogs lovingly cuddling up with babies on the internet. Puppies and children can be a great combination in the right environment.

But according to experts, ‘Excitable young kids can also be overwhelming to dogs. Temper tantrums, squeals of joy and jumping around can be frightening to puppies and dogs.’

Figures also show that most children who are bitten by dogs don’t actually know the dog. Would you let your child snuggle up at night with your pooch? Or do you think dogs and children need to be supervised at all times? Is it careless to leave dogs and kids together alone?

We'd love to hear your thoughts.

Ruby Wax has a handy guide to a happier 2019


Do you shudder when you hear the phrase: "New Year, new you"? If this cringe moment resonates with you, then it sounds like you share the same view as much-loved comedian Ruby Wax.

With the aim to guide us through the chaos of the 21st century, Ruby has written a book ‘How To Be Human’ - a user’s guide for living and getting happy. But thankfully, to the relief of many, it doesn't involve a long, albeit, short lived list of New Year's resolutions.

Ruby confesses: "We give ourselves enough of a hard time in life. To set up New Year's resolutions only ends in disappointment."

Sharing her thoughts on the pressures of social media and the battle of getting rid of the inner critic, she added: "We have a new phenomena which is being frazzled, which is stress about stress. What's killing us is our own thinking."

Watch the video to see the full chat with Ruby.