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Brenda Edwards to star in 'SISTER ACT THE MUSICAL'

On today's show, Brenda Edwards announced that she’s starring in a new production of the hit musical SISTER ACT.

Producers Jamie Wilson and Whoopi Goldberg are delighted to announce a brand new theatre production Sister Act. Brenda will take on the specially rewritten role of Deloris Van Cartier, made famous by Whoopi.

Finally able to break the news, an excited Brenda spoke of her meeting with producer Whoopi, which left her “speechless”.

Jamie Wilson said today “I am thrilled to be collaborating again with Alan Menken, Glenn Slater, Douglas Carter Beane and Whoopi Goldberg to create a new version of Sister Act, in particular reworking the part of Deloris for an older actor and I’m so pleased that the hugely talented Brenda Edwards will launch this production for us."

Whoopi Goldberg said today, “Deloris is a big fun character with lots of personality! Brenda auditioned for this show when it first happened in the UK and didn’t get the part because she was too old, so we’ve rectified that! Previous versions have had Deloris as a 23-year-old – but there are different stakes when you’re older."

Brenda excitedly added: “I got to go to New York and meet her, it was just amazing… I literally froze.”

Congratulations Brenda!

SISTER ACT THE MUSICAL opens at Curve, Leicester on 21 April 2020, where it will play until 2 May 2020, ahead of further UK venues and a London season

Will Young talks music, ending friendships... and gets a surprise gift from our Janet!

Singer Will Young spoke to today’s Loose Women of his new music, ending friendships - and he even got a surprise gift from Janet Street-Porter.

Will said of taking a break and returning to music with his new album Lexicon: “Everyone knows when a popstar says ‘I’m not going to sing again’, two years down the line… I’m guilty of the comeback album.”

“I was overworked. Now I’ve worked out how to do in a way that makes me happy. I do a four-day week. I chose to write less of the music this time. I would find the writing quite stressful, which of course meant that my writing was better because I wasn’t feeling so stressed.

“It kind of proved my point to myself. The more relaxed I was, the more fun I was having, the better the output.

He added: “It’s no. 1 at the moment, which is fantastic.”

Of reaching 40 and choosing to end some of his friendships, Will admitted: “I owe them that, I have actually ended face-to-face friendships. It was actually very beautiful and loving. It was very hard to do, but I’m actually really pleased I did it.”

On having therapy, Will said: “I’ve always had therapy. I think therapy is the same as if you’ve got something wrong with your body go and see a physiotherapist... if you’ve got something you’re not sure about going on in your mind, or in your life actually... it’s not just in the mind. Life coaches, lots of people need to speak to people about work. We spend a lot of time at work, eight hours at least a day, that’s a huge chunk of our life we need to speak to people about it. Be it HR or someone the business provides, or a therapist or a friend or a loved one... a mixture of all of them for guidance.”

And in a Loose Women first, Janet gave a guest a gift, surprising Will with some tomato seeds after discussing their mutual love of gardening. Will exclaimed: “I am so happy with that. It’s better than winning a Brit!”