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Ayda Williams and her mum Gwen discuss her Parkinson's diagnosis

On today's show, actress Ayda Williams and mother Gwen opened up for the first time in public about Gwen's heartbreaking Parkinson's diagnosis.

“She’s my BFF. This is tough. Her diagnosis is tough." Ayda said.

When describing the signs and symptoms, Ayda mentioned that, “I had actually seen her hands shake before, I thought she’d been tested for Parkinson’s, I’d written Parkinson’s off as a reality."
Following the final test that confirmed her mums diagnosis with the disease, Ayda has been working closely with Parkinson's UK. “I’ve become an ambassador for Parkinson’s UK. They have been so incredibly informative and helpful.”

Gwen eventually joined Ayda on the panel and emphasised how well she's doing, as well as being at a point where she's very 'connected and animated.'

Ayda said: “I have such gratitude to have my mother back. She’s come alive, she’s vibrant, she’s with it, she’s alert. She’s the mum I knew, she was kind of slipping away. Now she’s the mum I knew from years ago.”

For more information, advice and support, head to Parkinson's UK.
Helpline: 0808 800 0303.