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POLL: Was Jo Brand's battery acid joke offensive?

Nigel Farage has accused comedian Jo Brand of inciting violence after she joked about throwing battery acid at 'unpleasant characters' rather than milkshakes. The comment was made on Victoria Coren's Radio 4 show Heresy.

The BBC said that the joke was 'deliberately provocative' and 'not intended to be taken seriously'. Do you agree? Where's the line between humour and offence?

Let us know what you think by voting in the poll!

Should drug use disqualify you from becoming a Prime Minister?

Conservative leadership contender and hopeful Prime Minister, Michael Gove, was battling to keep his campaign afloat as he faced accusations of hypocrisy from drug experts and politicians, after admitting he had taken cocaine when working as a young journalist, more than 20 years ago. Our Loose Ladies discussed today whether Michael Gove's drug admissions, and any MP with a drug past - is still fit to lead the country.