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Coronation Street's Jane Danson says her heartbreaking new storyline will 'change Leanne as a character'

The actress tells the Loose Women about Leanne and Steve's son Oliver's harrowing new plot

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Anthea Turner at 60: I've never been happier

Anthea joined the Loose Women on her 60th birthday to talk life, love and her postponed wedding.

Celebrate Rex's first birthday with his most precious Loose Women moments

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Christine talks growing up during The Troubles and explains why she believes there's hope after lockdown

She shared her memories of growing up in Northern Ireland during a discussion about how lockdown could impact young people's mental health.

Jesy Nelson on cyberbullying and mental health stigma: I learned it's OK to talk about how you feel

The Little Mix star told the Loose Women speaking about her cyberbullying experience helped her overcome it.

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Stacey shares Rex's first steps with the Loose Women

Our favourite little Loose Man has reached a major milestone!

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Linda Lusardi and Sam Kane: Surviving coronavirus brought us closer together

Linda and husband Sam say they're "inseparable" after their harrowing experience.

Denise gives the Loose Women a comfortable bra masterclass

This is one 'brasterclass' you won't want to miss!

Will Mellor speaks about grieving the loss of his 'hero' dad to help men understand 'it's OK not to be OK'

The actor shared his experience of losing his father to illness during lockdown.

Loose Women's Stand By Your Men campaign encourages viewers to talk to men about mental health

Loose Women's new mental health campaign aims to help men feel more comfortable about opening up.

Stacey explains how she deals with online bullies and reveals why she calls them 'Susans'

Stacey shared her story with the panel during a discussion about adult bullying and cyber-bullying.

Ola and James Jordan: Baby Ella's arrival in lockdown has been 'amazing' and 'surreal'

The former Strictly pros welcomed their baby daughter in March after a long fertility journey.

Peter Andre says wife Emily is his NHS hero and gets homeschooling feedback from his kids

Princess and Junior popped in to rate their dad's homeschooling skills - but what grade did they give him?

Here's how to solve the maths brain teaser that baffled the Loose Women group chat

BODMAS is your best friend - and Denise's worst nightmare!

The Loose Women's most memorable 'Loose in the Hoose' moments so far

From Coleen's kittens to Gloria's 'chinphones', the best Loose Women working from home moments.

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Christine McGuinness shares her experience of parenting children with autism in lockdown

Christine McGuinness joined the Loose Women to speak about raising three children with autism in lockdown

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The Loose Women return to talk about taking care of your mental health in lockdown

The women revealed how they've been coping with the new normal and fell head over heels for Coleen's new kittens.

Loose Women's Lighten The Load campaign encourages people to talk about mental health

There's never been a more important time to take care of our mental health

Here's how Loose Women's new shows will work

Loose Women is back - with a few important adjustments

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