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Stacey, Joe, Ruth and Eamonn's most hilarious Loose Loved Ones moments

You always have to expect the unexpected when Ruth and Stacey bring Eamonn and Joe to work on Loose Women.

But if there's one thing you can be sure of, it's that they'll have you in stitches with some hilarious debates, discussions and behind the scenes antics.

Here are just a few of the fabulous foursome's most hilarious Loose Loved Ones moments.

Joe and Eamonn's labour ward adventures

During a debate about whether partners are a help or a hindrance during childbirth, Stacey and Ruth shared some very funny stories about Joe's coping strategy and Eamonn's labour ward fame.

Watch the chat in the video above.

Loose Look Back: Coleen gives James Jordan a childbirth experience he'll never forget

James Jordan may have effortlessly conquered the ice rink and the ballroom floor, but could he cope with the pain of childbirth?

Our Coleen popped on the scrubs and got ready for action when James and his then pregnant wife, Ola, joined us in January 2020. He strapped on a birthing simulator to see if he could endure the labour pains - with very interesting results.

Our most memorable March 2020 moments

March 2020 is sure to be a month we'll all remember for somber and worrying news, but there were also some uplifting, funny and hopeful moments to cherish.

You can catch a selection of our most memorable March debates and moments on our YouTube channel here.

And check out more of our favourite interviews and major Loose milestones below.

Joe won Dancing on Ice

And he was as surprised as we were about it!

Watch his winner's interview here.

And Rex's adorable reaction to his injury melted our hearts

He really didn't know what to make of it. Watch his cute reaction in the video above.

Ask Me Anything: Denise reveals her surprise career highlight and the Corrie storyline that could tempt her to return

What's been the highlight of Denise's career to date? Who is her hero? And which storyline could tempt her to return to Coronation Street as Natalie?

After watching her Life Before Loose interview, you submitted your questions on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and she has answered some of them in another Loose Ask Me Anything special.

Find out what she had to say in the video above and check out Jane's Ask Me Anything here.