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Would you confront your child's bully?

A mother in the US has been arrested after she confronted her son's classmates over bullying. She found out her son was being targeted and when she felt the school wasn't doing enough, took matters into her own hands and warned all his classmates - as she wasn't sure exactly who was responsible - to stop messing with him.

Find out how one of our women responded when her child was picked on at a holiday camp - as we discuss if you would, and should, confront your child's bullies?

Anti-bullying helplines and information

Bullying is described by the Anti-Bullying Alliance as “the repetitive, intentional hurting of one person or group by another person or group, where the relationship involves an imbalance of power.”

Bullying includes a whole range of behaviours from name-calling and spreading rumours through to spitting, cutting or sticking chewing gum in someone’s hair, groping and unwanted touch, hitting, kicking and pushing, manipulation and bribery. Bullying behaviour can be criminal behaviour if a child is harmed or threatened with harm and is always a child protection issue.Here is a list of organisations that can provide help, further advice and support:

Information for young people

Anti-Bullying Alliance visit anti-bullyingalliance.org.uk. You can also follow them on Twitter at @ABAonline or like them on Facebook.

The Diana Award, Anti-Bullying Campaign gives young people, teachers and parents the skills and confidence to tackle all forms of bullying




ditchthelabel.org - advice, research and content tailored to young people aged 13-25 aimed to reduce the prominence and harmful effect of bullying

kidscape.org.uk - website with information and resources relating to bullying and other child protection issues

POLL: Would you fly on a pilotless plane?

A company called Airbus has announced that it's developed the ability to launch a passenger jet service that doesn't require pilots. They followed up by saying that public fears about technology and current regulation were holding them from rolling it out commercially.

"When can we introduce it in large commercial aircraft? That is a matter we are discussing with regulators and customers, but technology-wise, we don’t see a hurdle.”
- Christian Scherer, Chief Commercial Officer for Airbus

Did you know: You're more likely to get killed by a meteorite than you are in a plane crash?

Love Island's Maura: Empowering or embarrassing?

Since new girl Maura entered the villa on Thursday night's episode, she's raised a lot of eyebrows with her sexual innuendos, racy language and forward approach when it comes to men.

Until last night, her flirting had been directed at fellow Islander Tommy Fury. From trying to see if he was excited under the covers to puckering up for a goodnight kiss (which he swerved!), the nation has become divided.

Today our Loose Ladies discussed whether Maura's behaviour has left them recoiling in their armchairs, or whether we should all bit a more Maura!

How would you feel if you fell pregnant later in life?

This week's EastEnders storyline sees character Sharon Mitchell feeling torn when she discovers that she is pregnant aged 49. And to add to her worry, she isn't sure whether Phil Mitchell is the father. On Sunday's show Sharon said to Phil (who thinks the baby is his): "We would be pensioners by the time the child is an adult...".

Sharon doesn't know if she wants the baby at her age, which leads us to ask:

How would you feel if you were in her situation? Would you be happy to have a baby later in life?