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Natasha Kaplinsky reveals terrifying boat accident involving her family


Strictly Come Dancing's first winner and newsreader Natasha Kaplinsky shared the details of a traumatic boat accident involving her young daughter and family last year. Setting out on a boat trip during a family holiday to Greece, the accident was unexpected. They hadn't been sailing for long, but long enough to be far from land and civilisation before the boat ran into problems.

Natasha explained how when the boats ignition cut-out, her husband was given the advice to turn the key. Moments later a huge explosion erupted, badly burning and throwing Natasha, her father and her daughter Angelica - who was eight at the time - into the water.

She added how it was a "blessing in a way" that they were in the water for so long, as it helped reduce scarring caused from the explosion.

The mum-of-two was deeply saddened to see that her daughter’s face had been badly burnt. Recalling the moment, she said: "There is nothing worse than being a mum and seeing your child injured, and thinking about her wedding day and I just couldn't bear it."

One year on, the presenter credits her family and friends, plus ENDR treatment for helping to cope with such a traumatic event. She said: "We feel so lucky about all the love we have had, we have had a massive love bomb in our house.”

Hollywood A-Lister Charlie Sheen opens up about his darkest days, Denise Richards and Two and A Half Men


Charlie revealed on today’s show that he’s feeling better than ever following his HIV diagnosis back in 2011, and his decision to be sober just over a year ago.

In the exclusive interview, the actor revealed that he finds it difficult to watch footage of some of his behaviour. He said: “It feels awful. I can’t sit there and lie to you. Some of it is very surreal. To this day, I am not sure how I created such chaos and wound up in that headspace. It’s as though there was some alien or demonic possession going on.”

Charlie shared moments of when he began to derail during the height of his career on his hit show Two and a Half Men. He shared: "I think it wasn’t so much with what was going on with Two and a Half [Men] with the people that were there, they were doing their jobs and doing them very well. I think people forget that I went through two divorces and had four children during Two and a Half [Men], that’s kind of a lot.

He continued: "The other thing is you have to park that stuff, you have to park the rot before you come to work. Because you have given them your word that you are there to do a job to the best of your abilities..that I violated but again I didn’t go to prison, I didn’t kill anybody. I did [do a lot of harm to myself]. This guy[points to himself] took the brunt of it.”

The star beamed as he discussed his recovery. Asked whether he goes to therapy, he said: "Yeah. I graduated actually. I said to the [therapist], ‘Is there an end point here?’... and there isn’t. It’s an on-going thing. You make the amends when it is appropriate, it’s not about making them on your terms, it’s about approaching others on theirs.”

On telling his kids he was HIV positive before going public with the condition back in 2015, he said: “I let all my kids know before I went on television with it and everybody has been very supportive of it. My oldest daughter Cassandra, she is the one that took it the hardest but I reassured her with the medicinal technology and the progress that has been made that dad is going to be fine."

Speaking on his famous ex-wife, Denise Richards, Charlie mentioned he received an invite to attend her wedding but declined when he realised her wedding will be filmed. He said: She did [invite me to her wedding] I said ‘Is it going to be filmed?’, she said yes and I said, ‘Well then, everybody enjoy, I won’t be there.’ I didn’t feel like I needed to be there.”

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