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Louise Pentland on the positive power of online communities and her hypnobirthing experience

Vlogger and parenting blogger Louise Pentland told the Loose Women that social media can be a "lifeline" for parents and people who are feeling isolated and concerned during worrying times, like the current coronavirus situation.

"I think, like a lot of us, people are feeling anxious and worried and aware of all the changes," she explained. "I think that they're turning to social media to talk about a new normal."

Louise said she thinks people are looking for positivity and suggestions and explained why she believes they're seeking reassurance from others who've been feeling the same way online.

Loose Life Lessons: Stacey and Nadia share what they've learned about motherhood

Ahead of Loose Women's Mother's Week, we asked you to tell us the one thing you wish somebody had told you about motherhood and we were inundated with heartwarming and heartbreaking stories on Facebook and Instagram.

Nadia and Stacey sat down to read some of them and found that, as mums, they could really relate to your successes and struggles.

From tears to triumphs - and lots of laughter - they shared their own thoughts and experiences as they read about yours.

Watch the chat in full in the video above.

Kerry Katona and daughter Molly on their unique bond: 'We're very much the same person'

Kerry Katona and her eldest daughter, Molly, joined the Loose Women to explain how their unique bond has helped them endure the toughest of times.

"I think we’re very similar. We’re very much the same person in a lot of ways," Molly, who has been living with her grandparents in Ireland since she turned 16, told the panel.

Kerry, who has described Molly as her "rock", explained how she finds it frustrating that her youngest children still have to deal with criticism about her past at school.

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Tulisa explains how online trolling affected her during her secret health battle

Tulisa joined the Loose Women to explain how online trolling had a negative impact on her life and reveal how some people had actually made nasty comments about her appearance while she was experiencing symptoms of Bell's palsy.

"It can cause facial paralysis, it can cause swelling, so there have actually been times when people criticised me for the way I look and not known I’m actually going through a Bell’s palsy attack," she said.

"I saw someone saying online 'oh, she looks like she had a stroke'."