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Jade Goody's life-saving legacy

This week marks the ten year anniversary since Jade Goody died of cervical cancer at the age of just 27. The news shocked the nation, and Jade died six months after receiving her diagnosis. The reality star spent much of the time she had left promoting life-saving awareness, urging woman to go for their cervical cancer screenings. On today's Lorraine, Jade's bridesmaid Charlene - and alongside her, Hayley and Georgina shared their support for Jade's legacy. Hayley and Georgina explain how Jade's story prompted them to attend their smear test appointments, which ultimately resulted in the early detection of cervical cancer and saved their lives.

The Bachelor gives Lorraine a rose

Many wouldn't believe that the star of the new The Bachelor UK was previously an unlucky in love guy who wanted to find love. Charming our Lorraine with a single red rose, the humble reality contestant remained tight-lipped about how successful he had been. With 17 beautiful women competing for his attention, we wonder how easy was it for the personal trainer to make a connection? Alex Marks revealed on the show: "It's a two-way street so you've got to make sure you shine out the best as you can to find a connection. It is pretty hard."